My post talks a bit about time and the multiverse theory briefly, with possible connections to string theory. (The multiverse theory is said to be more of a hypothesis for a theory, but that’s not the point).

In Nooners Snowman begins to think of his time, calling it a bankrupt idea. He has all of this time-markers of moments throughout the history of the universe- but no matter what he does, it continues to move at it’s own pace. While time gives us distinction between moments so Snowman can recall the first time he believes he saw Oryx, the arrow of time is what gives us the feeling of progress. The arrow of time is why we are born young and die old, why an egg can be made into an omelette but an omelette can never be made into an egg. The arrow of time is why we believe we cannot travel into our past. Possession over time is an odd concept to me. Our future is the universes past and the arrow of time will progress until maximum entropy is achieved and our universe becomes a static universe in which no arrow of time exists and human life cannot exist. Snowman seems to acknowledge this on some level when he says that having ownership over time is a bankrupt idea.

This is a bit scattered since I have a lot of  ideas about time/arrow of time/multiverse theory/string theory and the books we’ve read this semester, but I hope it makes sense.





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  1. mekonkol · April 18, 2016

    Why does Crake bother making Crakers? Why not let the whole human chapter close? Wouldn’t it be better for the earth?


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